在RSM, it’s all about creating a great client experience.

We strive to instill confidence in a world of change by building strong relationships based on a deep understanding of our clients' businesses and aspirations, 并通过相关的想法传递价值, 见解和解决方案.

This client-centric focus differentiates us from other firms because it starts with each individual client—we seek to understand their business aspirations and then use perspectives gathered from other clients and our past experience to help them confidently navigate an ever-changing market environment to reach their goals.

Get a taste for what this means for our client Priority Bicycles. 


我们一起寻找答案. 我们共同推动创新. 我们一起取得成功.

在今天的快节奏, 数字驱动世界, RSM is a powerhouse of 协作 innovation for middle market companies looking to capture a competitive edge.


在RSM, we deliver the power of being understood through the 5 C's—being caring, 好奇的, 协作, 勇敢的, 至关重要的思想家. It's the foundation of how we instill confidence in a world of change.

Rooted in deep industry knowledge and technical experience, our first-choice advisors bring diverse perspectives, innovative ideas and data-driven insights to everything we do. Our teams understand the middle market and help shape its future domestically and around the world.

Bringing our first-choice advisor philosophy to life 

Our First-Choice Advisor Center (FCAC) provides comprehensive education, professional development and resources to enhance RSM professionals’ ability to empower clients through the power of being understood. 与RSM领导紧密合作, the FCAC helps accelerate growth and increase the consistency of advisory interactions with the firm’s clients.

Meet 乔什·约翰斯顿, our First-Choice Advisor Center leader:

The firm’s dedication to the FCAC demonstrates our commitment to developing our people and to delivering exceptional client service. I am looking forward to continuing to help my colleagues enhance their deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and nurture our rich trusted-advisor relationships.
乔什·约翰斯顿, FCAC领袖


Our client experience measurement system is an integrated methodology developed by RSM to solicit client feedback and identify where we can make improvements to enhance the quality of our client experience for individual clients and across the firm. This system is designed to set RSM apart from our competitors by keeping the focus on our clients and what's important to them.

The information gathered through each component of this measurement system brings together a multitude of perspectives on criteria such as the capabilities of our people, 我们的服务质量, how we communicate and whether we provide additional value beyond the initial engagement. The system includes the following measurement tools: post-engagement surveys, a client loyalty tracking study and voice-of-client interviews.


Business advisors who take time to understand your industry, your goals, your opportunities.

Our client-centric approach is grounded in our strong industry perspective and desire to deliver unparalleled client experiences. RSM advisors bring forth curiosity and collaboration while seeking new approaches to evolving business challenges, and we deliver value through relevant ideas and insights.

Our insights help move the middle market forward

As the influence of the middle market grows and becomes increasingly important in driving the global economy, 我们很高兴提供实时, middle market-relevant macroeconomic perspectives to help clients anticipate and address the unique issues and challenges facing their businesses and the industries in which they operate.


We bring an unmatched personalized focus to every interaction, meeting people where they are to help them reach their goals.

我们创造了财富, enduring relationships based on a profound understanding of our clients, 同事和社区, 以及他们的目标和愿望. And, we bring diverse ideas and insights to help them reach greater heights.