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What is the middle market?

The middle market is the backbone of the Canadian economy.

Middle market organizations, which make up the “real economy,” are too big to be small and too small to be big. They have distinct challenges and opportunities around resources, 劳动力, 技术, 创新, 监管和更多.

With proprietary research such as the RSMvwin德赢娱乐 Financial Conditions Index, economic insights including 实体经济, vwin德赢娱乐, and a growing team of analysts dedicated to following trends important to your industry, RSM does the legwork to keep your organization ahead of issues that affect your bottom line. 

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实体经济, vwin德赢娱乐

实体经济, vwin德赢娱乐 is a quarterly publication dedicated to providing Canadian businesses with necessary economic analysis and insights into what is driving growth in vwin德赢娱乐’s middle market and long-term investments that underscore the direction of growth, productivity and living standards in the country.

每一版 实体经济, vwin德赢娱乐 will put the Canadian economy under the microscope and provide insight into key economic drivers, 包括通货膨胀, 利率, debt holdings and government policy, as well as an overview of important industry sectors. 

The publication also leverages RSM's proprietary Financial Conditions Index (FCI), an in-depth quarterly assessment of the Canadian financial markets that provides RSM’s clients and Canadians with a thorough background on Canadian economic financial conditions. The index measures market risk and accommodation as a proxy for lending and borrowing attitudes in vwin德赢娱乐. The vwin德赢娱乐 FCI is an equally weighted composite index of the performance of four asset markets: money, 债券, equities and commodities.

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