Seamlessly connecting your applications and automating workflows

Optimize your applications and workflows with intelligent integration and automation

Boomi is a leading low-code cloud-native integration platform as a service (iPaas) solution that enables you to instantly connect everything on its unified and intelligent platform. 从应用到数据, Boomi seamlessly links systems in your digital ecosystem—whether on-premises or in the cloud—so your team can increase efficiency, reduce risk and create a path to success.

With RSM’s experienced application development and integration team, your company’s unique needs will be at the forefront of your Boomi服务. RSM is a member of Boomi’s platinum partner program and, with nearly a decade of experience, RSM can help you leverage all that Boomi has to offer. RSM and Boomi bring industry-relevant solutions and expanded productivity to your business. 除了, RSM has accelerators and pre-built solutions drawn from our extensive experience with Boomi and other middle market clients.

With Boomi, your organization can go faster, save time and accelerate planning. The technology eliminates silos and utilizes apps and data, both in the cloud and on-premises. Its drag-and-drop visual user interface and low-code platform increase efficiency and minimize errors with unique capabilities such as intelligent integration mapping and configuration, and error testing and resolution.   

65% faster integration development

Less than 6 months payback

Up to 410% three-year ROI

More than 20,000 customers worldwide

Let us help you create a complete ecosystem that integrates your critical platforms, data and people

Connect apps and systems

Boomi connects everything within your organization to increase velocity and deliver new solutions faster.

Connect to trading partners with modern electronic data interchange

Leverage Boomi’s iPaaS platform to manage integrations, including a variety of traditional and modern EDI standards with your trading partners.

Manage data with Master Data Hub

Boomi can manage your master data to synchronize “golden records” in any environment to ensure data quality, consistency and visibility to make better decisions across your enterprise.

Discover and synchronize data

By connecting disparate data sources, Boomi can help your organization make more informed business decisions and move forward confidently.

Automate workflows and processes

By automating previously manual processes, your team can spend more time on innovation and less time on labour-intensive functions. 

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